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Palm Springs Unified School District Goals
Norms of High Performing Teams
Collaborative Focus Questions
Data Circles
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STAR and CAHSEE Resources
California State Academic Standards
California STAR CST Blueprints
2003 - 2007 CST Released Test Questions
Program Resources for the STAR Program
CAHSEE Resources
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Data Leadership Team Presentations
3 Ways to Use RTQs
Embracing Data, Celebrating Error

Elementary Sites Data Leadership Team Protocol (Presentation with Handouts)
Instructional Leadership Team Presentation

Secondary Sites Data Leadership Team Protocol (Presentation with Handouts)
7 Step Data Team Protocol

Secondary Sites Data Leadership Team OARS Demonstrations (Presentation with Handouts)

Team Planning Worksheets and Forms Source - Riverside County Office of Education (RCOE)

The Palm Springs Unified School District's DAIT process is administered and supported by the Riverside County of Education (RCOE).
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