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Resource Idea

Edmodo at www.edmodo.com - Submitted by Lee Grafton - lgrafton@psusd.us
This resource is useful for setting up prompts when you want students to share a response and you want to encourage "digital conversations." Think of it as an educational Facebook community. Check out my discussion thread in the DISCUSSION section (above) and share how you think it could be used in the classroom.

Symbaloo at http://edu.symbaloo.com - Submitted by Lee Grafton - lgrafton@psusd.us
Set up and share customized icons that link to your favorite web links.

Sqworl at http://sqworl.com submitted by Ron Bottorff - rbottorff@psusd.us
Clean and simple way to visually bookmark your links. See The Mt. San Jacinto Teacher site at http://sqworl.com/cu32n7

LiveBinderat http://livebinders.com/ submitted by Lee Grafton - lgrafton@psusd.us
If you want a binder on the web this is for you. To see a sample, here is one created by Susan Brooks-Young with iPod Touch and iPad Resources. This is a double bonus!

Evernote - submitted by Lee Grafton - lgrafton@psusd.us
Lee's favorite app! You can now access your notes anytime, anywhere from all of your digital devices. Download it on your computer, SmartPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, other tablet.....A must have app!!

Word Lens- Submitted by Debbie Applebaum - dapplebaum@psusd.us and Ron Bottorff - rbottorff@psusd.us
This App for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad instantly translates printed words from one language to another with your built in video camera! For the Droid version go here.

iPod and IPad Touch Resources from Susan Brooks-Young's LiveBinder - submitted by Lee Grafton - lgrafton@psusd.us
Here is a wealth of educational apps categorized by subject area.

Puppet Pals for iPad and Puppet Pals for iPhone - submitted by Matt Cauthron - mcauthron@psusd.us
The title says it all! See the teacher endorsement.