Digital filmmaking is strongly supported in Palm Springs Unified School District and the community at large. The DIGICOM programs,professional development, and Student and Teacher Film Festival have been created to support the integration of filmmaking in our classrooms to motivate, inspire, and engage student learning across all academic areas. We believe digital filmmaking is an essential competency that our students need to communicate effectively in the 21st Century. This page will provide you with supporting resources to help make and assess student film/ video projects.
In Room 208, Jessica Pack and her students explain why digital filmmaking is an essential component of the learning process. Jessica is a teacher at James Workman Middle School and a DIGICOM "Lead Learner" (aka trainer). Visit http://www.packwoman.com for more information about Jessica and her class.

Resources from Jessica Pack, Teacher at James Workman Middle School and DIGICOM "Lead Learner"DIGICOM Productions interviewed Jessica and she told us how and why filmmaking has made a difference in the ability of her students to master core academic standards. You can access the interview here. Jessica also provided you with a sample English Language Arts unit and materials..

Our Top Movie-Making Resource LinksCenter for Digital Storytelling - All movies require a good story which begins with writing a compelling script. Go to the Stories link and think about how you as a teacher will teach the students to structure their story with a beginning, middle and end that supports the main theme. Notice how the language, image and music in the examples blend to tell to the story.
DIGITALES - For a quick jump-start, go to Bernajean's Porters' DIGITALES site and click on the drop down menu - Resources. You'll find royalty-free images, sound and music links etc. Go to Evaluating Projects for sample rubrics. In the Storykeeper's Gallery you'll find examples of movies to give you ideas.
The Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling - This site is easy to navigate. Like DIGITALES, you'll find all the resources you need to get started.
Video-Shooting Basics - What's a wide shot? What do I do about lighting? Here is an excellent easy to use resource with answers to the technical questions that will make your movies more engaging.
Academy of Motion Pictures: Teacher's Guide - Step by step lessons on filmmaking.

AFI ScreenNation - American Film Institute (AFI) ScreenNation features the best films and videos from young filmmakers (11-19 year olds) on the web. It is also an excellent resource with video tips and student contests.

Additional finds with royalty free video and music to supplement the DIGITALES and Educational Uses of Storytelling resources
The Open Video Project - Royalty free stock video for your film.

ccMixter - Original and remixed music from Creative Commons. The use conditions are clearly identified.

Partners in Rhyme - Royalty free music and sound effects.

SmartSound - We usually only promote free resources, but in this case we make an exception. If you want a high quality library of music that you customize to fit the length of your video, this is the best. There is educational pricing and bundles. If you want to try it out, Lee Grafton has a number of the titles that you can use. Note: since you will be sharing Lee's external hard drive, it will require coordination time to load the player onto your laptop and to make the selections of the music you want.


Here are samples of student movies from some of our California Media Festivals.

California Student Media Festival 2011

A Word about Software Tutorials

The best source for software tutorials is the HELP menu within the program or on the publisher's website. You will also find tutorials on iTunes U and YouTube if you are willing to spend the time to find relevant versions.
Of course, the book stores also have good books and many come with CDs that you can load with lesson materials. Finally, you may want to purchase a license to Atomic Learning. We LOVE this service. You will find short video clips for EVERY software you can imagine as well as integration tips and lessons. When you consider how much a few good tutorial books cost, the individual subscription price for Atomic Learning becomes a good investment.
Take advantage of the opportunity to CELEBRATE your digital stories with the District and Community by entering the DIGICOM Festival!! Teacher and student submissions in the special theme category of It's Up to You are welcome! The submission deadline is April 1, 2013 at 4:30 p.m. Go to http://www.digicomfilmfestival.com for more information.

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