As we enter the second decade of the 21st Century, we all want to meet the challenges to ready our students for THEIR future! The video below reminds us that we need to rethink and re-engineer how we conceptualize and facilitate learning. Consider what the future holds as our students become tomorrow's leaders. This wiki is designed to help foster collaboration and organize essential educational resources to help YOU cope and plan.

The Palm Springs Unified School District (PSUSD) Digital Community is a resource to help students and educators use digital media meaningfully to impact student learning. As our sophistication in using new technologies grows, so does our understanding that we need to reconstruct our instructional methods. Because we learn from each other, we invite all educators to contribute to this online professional learning community.

Directions on how to join this community
To become an active member with rights to add to the site, please request to join the Wiki. See the JOIN link in the top right corner of the window. Within 24 hours, you will receive a message indicating that you are a member of the wiki. Note: To control the site, we will only accept users with a school district web address - so please use that to register (as opposed to gmail, etc.)

The content of the PSUSD Digital Community is open to the public, which opens up the possibilities of inaccuracies or vandalism. If you find information that is outdated or incorrect please report the problem here.

Lee Grafton, Ph.D, Palm Springs Unified School District Education Technology Specialist, is the PSUSD Digital Community administrator. She welcomes your questions, comments and suggestions.